Aviation Performance



Customized group and individual programs for pilots, flight schools and air-carriers, designed to enhance safety, improve crew coordination and improve decision-making.

Services For Flight Schools include:

  • Train the trainer:  Teach your CFI’s to effectively prepare students for the FAA emphasis areas of CRM, Operational Risk management, and Fatigue management.  Help them instill a climate of safety and improve student completion rates.
  • Pre-checkride CRM workshop for private, instrument and commercial students

Services For pilots, student pilots and pilot families include:

  • Easing the pre-checkride jitters:  Learn effective strategies to achieve peak performance on your checkride.
  • Safety and the technologically advanced aircraft:  New technology can mean new risks.  Learn techniques to effectively plan and manage flights in your TAA.
  • FAA required psychological evaluations (in cooperation with local AME’s):  When the FAA says that a psychological evaluation is needed to assure that pilots are cleared to fly.
  • Right-seat/companion training:  For your loved ones to allow them to manage your aircraft in the event of an emergency.
  • Fear of Flying:  Combat your fears using effective anxiety management techniques

Services for Business Aviation include: 

  • CRM and Fatigue Management: Effective Initial and recurrent training in a fun, stress free environment.  Topics include introduction to CRM, operational risk management, workload management, communication skills/teamwork, error recognition, fatigue management and decision-making
  • Stress Management for pilots:  Unique, effective, comprehensive stress management workshop just for aviation professionals.



Penny Levin, Ph.D

Penny Levin, Ph.D

Owner & Founder