Workplace Performance


For individuals and companies. Created by a performance psychologist and a human resources expert.  All programs can be customized to include your perfect combination of consulting, classroom training and/or one-to-one coaching.

Services for Businesses include:

  • BeBalanced: A new twist on work/life balance that addresses your employees’ real-life concerns
  • BeHappy: Evidence-based techniques to improve staff outlook on life.   A happy workplace is a productive workplace.
  • BeHealthy:   Strategic, forward thinking ways to improve your health and support a healthy lifestyle and help manage rising health care costs.
  • BeReadyForChange:  Let’s face it … Change is hard for most of us. We can help you become more resilient.
  • BeStressFree:  Innovative, unique, effective methods of stress management.
  • BeConnected:  Networking success strategies for business professionals of all levels
  • BeATeam:  Teambuilding that may include physical and/or  mental activities. More than just having fun, you’ll learn how to work effectively together.
  • BeTough:  Learn how to stay composed under pressure, develop mental toughness, and maintain concentration.



Penny Levin, Ph.D

Penny Levin, Ph.D

Owner & Founder